Strategies to support full participation of students with disability

At Pelangi school where I’ve completed most of my practicum, one of my students has been identified with Asperger’s syndrome.

He has been assigned a school learning support officer to help him on an individual basis and where possible to help him integrate with other student activities.

As the classroom teacher, I help to encourage a positive tolerant and welcoming attitude by the other students toward him. With positive reinforcement, facilitated integration with general classwork as well as one on one support, in the time I’ve taught him I’ve seen him make a great deal of progress in both behaviour and achievements.

As his teacher, I also try to educate myself as much as I can on strategies to help him in the classroom.

Aside from this, I’ve read through the documentation laid out in the ACT government’s strategic planning document on how to approach disability within education. (Disability Education Strategic Plan (PDF)) and will continue to use these strategies to help me facilitate the integration and education of students with special needs in the classroom.

I have also run workshops in disability schools where I facilitate interactive and educational music experiential workshops.