Literacy and numeracy strategies

Having spent time on teaching practicum in an Indigenous school in North East Arhnem land (Marparu) I gained first hand insight into the arbitrary nature for many Aboriginal students on community of much of our mainstream curriculum as well as the challenges for those students in experiencing success when having to sit nationwide exams like the NAPLAN that can sometimes seem to serve only to undermine the experience of success for many of those students.

It is important in schools such as Marparu that the local language and culture is integrated into learning basic literacy concepts in both numeracy and English.

Within numeracy a two way system that acknowledges the complex patterns of Gurrutu kinship as a form of numeracy as well as teaching basic numeracy concepts needed to participate in broader Australian society such as a project facilitated on where the students ran the local shop facilitated by a teacher. Here they would have weigh, measure and calculate.