Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

As is stipulated in the curriculum, I use technology not only to enhance learning but as a new way of working collaboratively as well as a way of communicating ideas and information.

“Students develop ICT capability as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and ideas, solve problems and work collaboratively in all learning areas at school, and in their lives beyond school. The capability involves students in learning to make the most of the digital technologies available to them, adapting to new ways of doing things as technologies evolve and limiting the risks to themselves and others in a digital age.”

One excellent tool in creating new compositions in music is Garage Band.

My year five students worked collaboratively using voices, instrument sounds samples and found sounds from the environment to record to record these songs. The students become totally engaged in this process and are able to collectively use their imagination to come up with ideas that may be beyond their capabilities with real life instruments but gives them a taste of what is possible.

In this unit of work students chose a storybook and were asked to create a sound track for each page.

Working in groups they came up with some wonderful and creative ideas I asked students in groups read out loud one of. They became active learners and began to understand complex ideas in music around form, composition and sound illustration. At the end of the unit each page was edited together and the students were able to watch and listen to their entire work as a group.