Support student participation

Within my grade four class at Pelangi school I have a range of students in my class - a student with autism and several students with ESL needs, as well as some students who need acceleration in certain areas. As their teacher I need to cater for this in my teaching using strategies to help them to engage and learn.

Some of these strategies include:

  • Spending one on one time with students where possible when they need it

  • Clarifying learning by asking ongoing questions to assess their learning.

  • Asking concept checking questions using random name cards so it is not just the most confident students answering the questions and to keep all students engaged.

  • I acknowledge effort, not just achievement.

  • I encourage learning buddies pairing more confident students with weaker ones in order to encourage learning in community.

  • I am flexible with my teaching style, using my reflections on lessons to consistently tailor my lessons to be most effective for the group and their particular needs.

  • I use visual aids as much as possible (this is of particular benefit to my special needs and ESL students).

  • Extending children in the task if needed.