Maintain student safety

I have read and understood the National Safe schools Framework which is a guideline to assist teachers and schools in creating a school environment that caters not only for the practical safety of students ( and staff ) but also their well being.

In a safe and supportive environment individual students are respected and included. Diversity is valued and students feel safe and supported.

This includes anti bullying and cyberbullying concepts and appropriate responses to incidents of aggression, violence, harassment and responses in relation to issues of child protection.

I am also planning to get my St John’s ambulance certificate in first aid and to keep refreshing my knowledge so that I am equipped to deal with emergency situations as best I can.

I also implement the nine tenets of the safe schools Framework which are:

  • Leadership commitment to a safe school

  • A supportive and connected school culture

  • Explicit policies and procedures to ensure student safety

  • Attendance of regular staff trainings in this area.

  • In Building strategies to my teaching that acknowledge positive behaviour

  • Helping to equip students with social and emotional skills to deal with complex emotions

  • Developing student well being - i.e. having a role in decision making processes around the school, anti bullying and promotion of positive mental health.

  • Collaboration between the school, and the wider community, parents/ carers, tertiary institutions and industry.

Fire and Earth quake drill documents
Fire and Earth quake drill documents

National safe schools framework - PDF

National safe schools framework - online