Provide feedback to students on their learning

As a teacher dedicated to my students, I understand the importance of providing timely feedback to my students. Overall Timely feedback improves my students achievement because it is given at a time where the work is still relevant and the student has a chance to improve upon their weaker areas.

As much as possible I seek to provide feedback that is more positive than negative, reinforcing what students are doing right rather than just what they are doing wrong. The concept of two stars and a wish - 2 positive points with every negative where possible.

I give feedback that is specific rather than just a blanket “well done” for example so the students know what they are doing correctly or incorrectly.

When appropriate I focus my feedback around a specific goal that they are working towards so that feedback can be specific in helping to achieve this.

I encourage students to focus on their own personal best rather than being competitive with others in the class around results.

Where possible I involve my students in their feedback by having them watch as I go through a piece of their work. I also encourage self assessment where by the students self examine what they have done well and what they could improve upon in the task. This can also be a great exercise to do in pairs or small groups.