Make consistent and comparable judgements

One must be certain that marking is consistent to the assessment criteria given.

As a graduate teacher I communicate with my fellow teachers and mentor teacher on my system of assessment to make sure it is inline with the standards of other classes, as well as the national standard outcomes which are clearly outlined in the ACARA.

Rubrics are extremely helpful to specify the criteria and standards that one is marking against. Providing specific evidence on what students have achieved and acknowledging it through appropriate marking is paramount.

It is also important to mark using the same criteria so that it is clearly defined across all the students being marked. Therefore, feedback given can be consistent across the different students. It is the purpose of a rubric to make assessment explicit for both teacher and student.

When creating a rubric, I must identify the skills, knowledge and understanding that is being assessed. I then need to decide/ appoint the levels of assessment and the descriptors used for each of them.