Interpret student data

Being able to interpret students results, observations and work informs me on what my students have achieved, what they understand and what they have yet to understand.

At Pelangi detailed results and observations on all student are kept for interpretation and by their teachers.

This data allows the teacher to assess the overall progress ( or lack of progress ) of each student. It also allows a teacher to evaluate the progression of the student toward to the desired outcome overall.

Studying concepts of music intervals with my year five class, I gave them a quiz after the first weeks module. However, on assessing the results, I realised that I had moved too quickly through the concepts and that my explanation of the topic had not been thorough enough to allow the majority of the class to be able to answer the questions correctly.

This lead to a reflection on my own method of teaching the topic. The following week, I went back to review the same topic with the class and was much more dynamic in my teaching style. I included peer work where the students tested each other and fortified their knowledge of the subject in groups. A re-test at the end of the week gleaned a much more favourable result.

It was through interpreting their initial test results that I was able to reflect on my teaching and how effective it was in achieving the desired outcomes. I was then able to change my future lessons accordingly.