Meet professional ethics and responsibilities

I have read understood the code of ethics given in plain English in the attached document for teachers within the NT. In essence they are:

  • integrity
  • respect
  • justice
  • empathy and
  • dignity

I apply these guidelines and concepts while teaching and within my decision making in my role as teacher at all times.

Aside from this I adhere to The Department of Education and Training document ‘Teachers Code of Professional Practice. This sets out five principles of public service ethics acting as a guide for teachers to be able to meet there students educational needs.

I have listed the principals and an example of how I comply below.

Principle 1

Service to the Public

I realise that as a teacher I am a role model for my students both inside and outside of school. This means I need to act and dress in a professional manor.

Principle 2

Responsiveness to the Government and the Needs of the Public

It is my responsibility to continue to update myself on changes to any relevant department policies, codes of practice and professional standards

Principle 3


I need to be responsible for continuing my own professional development in relevant fields and to give time for critical reflection of my lessons.

Principle 4

Fairness and Integrity

I endeavours to foster an environment that is socially, culturally and religiously accepting and acknowledging diversity. Through establishing genuine rapport with my students I am able to address their individual needs.

I also assess students using thorough evidence-based rubrics where results are standardised for all students.

Principle 5

Efficiency and Effectiveness

I tailor my lessons to be as effective as possible giving the most useful learning experience to my students within the given time frame.

I use both personal reflection, student results and mentors to help me improve upon the effectiveness of my teaching.

Code of Ethics for Northern Territory Teachers - PDF