Engage with the parents/carers

Understand strategies for working effectively, sensitively and confidentially with parents/carers.

I believe that authentic engagement with parents and carers is of great importance to both the learning outcomes of my students and the community at large.

A high level of parent/ carer involvement at the school from homework diaries, to parent-teacher nights, to school run community nights to help with the literacy program all help to strengthen the idea that it is not only the teachers that take an active role in the children’s education but the parents and community at large.

At Pelangi school, an atmosphere of community ownership has been fostered through such activities, which makes the school a much better place for all to be!

At Pelangi school (where I have done the majority of my practicums) other examples of active parent/ carer involvement include having parents on the official school board, running community events and fundraisers for the school. All this creates an opportunity to celebrate the diversity and broad range of skills of the parents of our school. Such activities can at times also involve the whole family.

The school has a newsletter which goes out to parents on a regular basis explaining the goings on of the school as a community as well as celebrating student achievement.

Being an international school in Bali, there is an extremely diverse range of non-English speaking background children. Generally, newsletters and school information is provided in both English and Indonesian.

It is also common for some parents to come in weekly to help with our reading literacy program and after-school activities for the students such as yoga and sport.

Teacher-parent/carer interviews

Teacher-parent interviews are also extremely important for consultation on student achievement.

Within these interviews, one should:

  • Begin an interview with a positive comment.
  • Identify the assessment outcomes clearly.
  • Be able to show collected evidence to back up comments
  • Discuss the students preferred learning medium and pertinent concerns.