Engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities

How I Engage with professional teaching networks

As a teacher I plan to continue to engage with professional teaching networks and broader communities by participating in professional development programs, sharing lesson ideas and ideas with my teacher colleagues, building on my learning with my professional mentor and continuing to seek advice from them when necessary.

I also plan to:

  • Team teach classes with colleagues sharing ideas and approaches from time to time
  • Collaborate with other schools when there are opportunities to do so.
  • Subscribe to teaching journals and blogs
  • Engage with the wider community
  • Learning about the community through excursions and field trips and linking that experience to curriculum-based studies.
  • Create opportunities for the wider community to get involved in school life such as through fundraising events, fetes and sporting events.

Paramount to all this is building positive relationships and trust with parents/ carers.

It is also of great importance that parents concerns and hopes for their child the general education approach is considered. It is my role to ensure that the parents/ carers of my students feel empowered to take an active role in their child’s education.

It is also important that students and their families have a positive attitude toward learning and the school is able to recognise and acknowledge their own learning success!

This also happens through celebrating diversity in the school - One way of doing this is having parents come into the school from time to time to talk about cultural celebrations and to help with the reading literacy program for example.